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Data Sanization - Important to ensure 100% confidentiality

You would never want that your confidential information stored in electronic devices, like hard disks, pen drives, external hard drives, etc. to be easily available for recovery by others.  Would you?  If not, then you must carefully find a partner like MyRecycler to help you sanitize your sensitive data from the devices without harming the environment.

What is Data Sanitization?

Data sanitization or physical destruction of data is the act of erasing data from the devices it was stored, so that it is impossible for others to recover it thus ensuring total confidentiality of sensitive information. There are many techniques for sanitizing data. This sanitization procedure is carried out when a device’s useful life is over, usually just before or during disposal. And, if everything is done proficiently then there won’t be any useable data left on the device.

Selecting a certified business partner, like MyRecycler, who physically destroys e-waste is the first step in the data destruction procedure.


Difference between E-Waste Recycling and Sanitization?

man on laptopIt’s possible to reuse the hard disk when you recycle your electronic waste, which means that now the hard drive will be erased rather than physically destroyed. When a hard drive is “wiped,” the data is repeatedly overwritten until the original data can no longer be recovered. The hard drive can be utilized again after this procedure. This method of recycling the used hard drives can benefit the environment and reduce the need to produce new hard drives. Although erasing a hard disc makes it usable again, it also leaves a slim chance that the data that was first stored there might still be retrievable.¬† On the other hand, when you decide to destroy your data through data sanitization process, then it becomes impossible to recover any information from the device where it was stored because, eventually that device containing data would be broken into pieces..

How does MyRecycler assist?

data sanitization

As part of our hard drive destruction service, we at MyRecycler provide data sanitization certifications as evidence for companies who need to protect themselves from liability of data leakage. Our Data Sanitization service for hard drive destruction mechanically shreds the physical drives that store your data to stop anyone from misusing it against you or for their own gain.

Our data destruction service ensures that the disk containing the data is totally destroyed in bits and pieces, much like when important paper documents are shredded. However, unlike paper shredding, the pieces of hard disk cannot be glued back together to make it functional again. We shred discs even while recycling your laptop or smartphone to stop any data retrieval.  Being a certified E-Waste recycling company, we fully adhere to the process of data sanitization as per the set guidelines to follow and protect the environment as well.  We undertake following methods to execute our data sanitization services:


Hard Disk Degaussing

The act of demagnetizing a magnetic information-storage device, such as a hard drive, computer tape, or CRT monitor, is known as degaussing. Degaussing is a great choice whether you’re seeking to safeguard the information of your customers or the privacy of your staff. The information held on outdated electronic devices is rendered unreadable and unrecoverable using a Degausser.¬† The area where the information is stored becomes demagnetized when these devices are exposed to a magnetic field that is stronger than their own. As a result, the information is neutralised and deleted.

Hard Disk Drilling

Hard Disk Drilling

Abandoned hard drives are a haven for data thieves. Cybercriminals just need the drive, not the PC.¬†¬†The best tool for you to protect your confidential information is a hard disk drilling. Our expert technicians pierce a hard disk through its midsection, right outside the central spindle, using a precise 1″ drill bit. After that no one will ever be able to access the drive’s data again when it exits the other side. All of the data is stored on a magnetic platter, which can be damaged without rendering it unreadable.

disk formatting

Hard Disk Formatting

Our Disk formatting service will remove all of the drive’s current files. Disk formatting is a procedure that needs to be carried out carefully by professionals like¬†MyRecycler. Backups of the necessary data or apps are required because it deletes data and uninstalls installed programmes. Formatting a disc requires time. Hard drive life can be gradually reduced by frequent disc formatting.

Hard Drive wiping

Hard Disk Wiping

Our data wiping service will render the data on a hard drive in an unrecognizable form that hackers could not decipher. This can be an effective solution, as well as being less costly. It is, however, not 100% foolproof like data destruction is.

Hard Disk Shredding

One of the most efficient ways to destroy a hard disc is to shred it. At MyRecycler, we shred the drive into tiny pieces by putting it through a shredder machine. Hard drives store data on platters, therefore we chop up the platter and whatever data it contains will make the drive unusable. Additionally, we compact the shredded materials into small shapes for disposal.

hard disk crushing

Hard Disk Crushing

Our Hard Drive Crushing service is an alternative to shredding. With this technique, we put the hard drive through a machine that receives a blow so powerful that it ruptures the chamber that protects the actual hard drive.  As the named suggests, a crushed hard drive is impossible to use again which makes it a good option of destroying sensitive information from a hard drive.

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