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EPR - Certification Is Must

For the purpose of managing e-waste, Indian or foreign manufacturers or importers of electronic products are legally required to get the E.P.R. (Extended Producer Responsibility) certification.  Important to highlight that the manufacturing permit is the most difficult to obtain because it requires a significant investment in infrastructure and training.

What is EPR?

e wasteE.P.R., or Extended Producer Responsibility, is a technique to managing the product’s lifecycle that is both environmentally and economically sound. In other words, EPR is a policy-based strategy where manufacturers are given the authority to handle or dispose of post-consumer items in an efficient manner.¬†¬†

As e-waste production has skyrocketed, Indian government has looked at the available legislative choices and determined that entrusting manufacturers and importers with responsibility may be the best course of action.

What is EPR Certification?

The government passed the E-Waste (Management & Handling) Rules in 2011 and they came into force on January 1, 2012. These rules stipulates that every manufacturer needs to obtain EPR certification to ascertain better prevention of waste, production of environmental-friendly products and seamless recycling & management of e-waste.  These rules are applicable especially to those manufacturers who produce their products under two Categories РElectrical And Electronic Equipment, and, their products are consumed by IT & Telecommunication-based sector as well as Consumers of products such as Televisions, Refrigerators, A.C., Washing Machines, mercury-containing lamps, etc.

Why do you need EPR Authorization?

As a manufacturer, if you have EPR certification, then you have access to the following advantages:

  • Increased market reputation as a result of the dedication to eliminating e-waste.
  • Access to a comprehensive framework that guarantees affordable and efficient handling of e-waste.
  • Improve coordination with allied units when processing e-waste.
  • Create a trustworthy reputation for the global market¬†¬†

How can MyRecycler assist?green earth

MyRecycler’s EPR services help you to obtain EPR certification by chalking out a proper plan of management of E-Waste, which includes:

  • Clear estimation of E-waste quantity generated from the consumer’s end
  • The outline scheme for systematic accumulation & channelization of e-waste with same E.E.E. code to authorized recyclers
  • Estimated budget for seamless implementation of EPR
  • Outline schemes for creating awareness for e-waste prevention and management
  • Compel producer to ensure conformity with RoHS (Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances) compliance and make a declaration for the same with requested documentation.

MyRecycler also assists you in complying with the post-EPR registration obligations, like:

  • You must adhere to the EPR plan that has been approved.
  • It is important to build up the accumulation process or mechanism in accordance with the approved EPR plan.
  • You should keep up with documentation for e-waste channelization.
  • You must keep records of their electronic waste in accordance with these regulations’ Form 2 and give those records to the CPCB for examination.
  • You must submit your annual returns to the CPCB by the deadline of June 30 following the fiscal year (F.Y) to which they pertain.
  • For the purpose of inspection, registration holders should keep their technical RoHS documentation on hand.
  • When launching new items, you need to notify the relevant authority in advance.¬†
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