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IT Asset Management : Find value in old gadgets

Did you know that your old computer contained valuable metals like Gold? Getting that outdated computers recycled is a much better option which gives you a chance to find monetary value in that. An expert recycling company like MyRecycler may offer you hardware asset management services for this purpose.

What is IT Asset Management?

waste computers

Mercury, lead, and arsenic are just a few of the dangerous substances found in e-waste, also known as used electronics. By disposing off those gadgets in landfills, we face the risk of having these chemicals contaminate our soil and water. And, because the amount of damaged gadgets being thrown out globally keeps rising, this has turned into a serious environmental issue.  

Moreover, besides these harmful substances, these discarded hardware (computers, laptops, mobiles, hard drives, etc.) also contain valuable metals like, gold, silver, platinum, copper, and palladium, etc.  And apart from that, valuable commodities like, iron, aluminium, and plastics – which are in great demand among manufacturers who use recycled metals in their products – are also found in e-waste. This is a good reason that why you shouldn’t just discard them or store them in a warehouse.  Hence, businesses and individuals can benefit from a IT Asset Management (ITAM) service offered by an expert recycling company like MyRecycler in order to recover some of their initial investment and find what still has value in their e-waste.  As such, ITAM not only helps in reducing the environmental concerns by preventing them from ending up in landfills, it also passes on some financial advantages of extracting precious metals from E-Waste.

Why ITAM is important?

When you’re prepared to retire your hardware, such as computers, laptops, hard drives, etc., it is crucial to design an IT Asset Management strategy so that you get the most out of your initial investment. Data security is another crucial concern when you discard your old hardware. In addition to identifying the components of your equipment that manufacturers still value as recycled goods, wiping all data off hardware is essential for organisations as well as for people to protect themselves from cybercrimes.  It is important to understand that if the hardware is discarded just casually without erasing the data on it, then you may be liable for heavy penalties.

How does MyRecycler assist?


Most businesses today want to reuse their outdated computers rather than just tossing them away. In order to offset the cost of office electronics no longer in use, MyRecycler provides IT Asset Management solutions to businesses.

Businesses can use our assistance to determine the worth of these things and recover some of your initial investment. For people who have utilised devices they no longer want or use, the same is true. It’s crucial to keep in mind that all of the personal data is still kept on those machines. So, to preserve your data, we can make sure that all hard disks or other sensitive data on outdated, inactive devices is cleaned up. MyRecycler offers comprehensive, single-source solutions for all kind of businesses.

We, as an efficient IT Asset Management solution provider, can enable businesses to save money by maximising the value of their existing IT assets. Thus, if they saved money on the replacement of outdated equipment through MyRecycler, then they might allocate more resources for  newer equipment or technological advancements.  For your business, disposing of used equipment as solid garbage might not even be an option, because of the strict administrative laws in force. Recycling old equipment is therefore the safest, greenest, and most secure way to dispose off.

MyRecycler lets you obtain a return on your initial investment and guarantee that sensitive data saved on your computers never falls into the wrong hands.

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