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Office Dismantling - Do it right!

Moving an entire office is a challenging task. The items must be packaged in the safest and most secure way possible. Everything you own in your professional capacity, from technological devices to office furniture, must be handled properly so as to ensure minimal damages and maximum usability of the items while reinstalling them elsewhere.

Office Dismantling

office There are occasions when you need to dispose of your office’s assets and equipment in a way that is both economical and eco-friendly. You should hire professionals like MyRecycler to take care of this laborious and specialised process for you.

Things to remember

Office-Dismantling Dismantling an office is a tough task.  More so, when there are electrical and electronical set ups in place which are to be removed. A customised dismantling and disposal proposal for the site needs to be chalked out. A potential hazard study, enabling the planned and selective destruction of assets must be in place. The aim must be to increase the amount of material that can be recycled while purposefully reducing the amount of material that needs to be thrown away. A potential hazard analyses and asset disassembly plan must be in place to execute all stages of the office dismantling in professional manner.

How can MyRecycler assist?

office MyRecycler’s office dismantling services include:
  • Evaluation of existing structures and offices
  • Monitoring of dismantling process
  • Plan and prepare dismantling ideas
  • Assessment of removal prospects
  • e-Waste management as per set guidelines.
  MyRecycler can help you with dismantling offices that include but not limited to:
  • Old Furniture Removal of any kind
  • Dismantling or Disassembling and even buying of
  • Used AC,
  • Old UPS,
  • Second Hand Generator,
  • Old Workstation,
  • Old Partitions,
  • False Ceilings,
  • Old Panels,
  • Old Electronics,
  • Machinery Scrap,
  • Old Machinery,
  • Used Office Equipment,
  • Used Household Furniture,
  • Old Household Electronic Equipment,
  • Old AC Plant
  • UPS panels,
  • UPS battery,
  • Electric panels,
  • AC ducting,
  • Generator/DG-set,
  • Or, any other pieces of furniture or heavy metal items.
  Even though moving an entire office is a challenging task, MyRecycler makes it simple. Your items will be packaged in the safest and most secure way possible. Everything you own in your professional capacity, from technological devices to office furniture, is handled properly. Delicate electrical items are packed in sturdy material containers. Utilizing cutting-edge machinery such as hydraulic elevators, lifters, tilt tables, and conveyor dock loading and unloading systems, the products are loaded, blanked, and transported. We accomplish all of this by keeping things like time, safety, and dependability in mind. MyRecycler have qualified technicians to handle dismantling of entire offices.  With proper infrastructure, machinery and facilities, we dismantle offices keeping all the provisions and guidelines of office dismantling in consideration.
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