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PRO - Necessary for EPR

In order to ensure environmentally sound management of e-waste, you need to hire a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO), a professional organisation, like MyRecycler which is authorised to assume responsibility for collecting, and recycling of electronic waste produced from “end-of-life” EEE items.

What is a PRO?


A Producer Responsibility Organization, known as PRO such as MyRecycler helps producers of electronics and electrical goods, in achieving their EPR obligations by partnering with different recyclers and dismantlers across the country. PRO takes care of establishing a system of collection for the specified waste materials and raising awareness about e-waste recycling. 

Why do you need a PRO?

For a producer, although the goal is to build such a system that adheres to the guidelines of protecting the environment from the waste generated by their electrical and electronics products, but because of the rate at which e-waste is produced and the lack of infrastructure for its collection and subsequent recycling, producers and makers of electronic goods confront challenges with regard to EPR implementation. Producers find the target given to them for recyclable e-waste as very high and if they fail to meet those, then they are served with severe penalties. This producer discomfort is evident and eventually unavoidable and calls for a professional organization like MyRecycler to partner with them as a PRO in executing the EPR obligations.

How does MyRecycler assist?

truckWhen we partner with you as a PRO to manage your EPR, we accept all of your additional obligations, such as:

Establishing Collection Points: The sources from which e-waste is collected like Bulk Consumers, Retail consumers, Kabadiwalas, retail traders and service centres. These locations can serve as dumps or exchange stations for scrap that the consumer no longer needs in exchange for the scrap value. After that, this e-waste is sent to e-waste aggregators and recyclers.

Recycling and dismantling: In the case of WEEE, MyRecyler as a PRO collects the garbage and sends it for disassembling, recycling, and chemical recovery in facilities owned by us. 

Transporting e-waste from the collection stations and managing the recycling channel through a network of vendors are additional responsibilities of producer responsibility organisations.

Providing Reverse Logistics: Reverse logistics is the chain of logistics that transfers abandoned and used items from customers back to the vendors or producers. We as a PRO also offer this facility in the case of EEE, which may encourage effective recycling and the use of priceless spare parts.

Creating EPR plans: The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has mandated that the PIBOs (Producers, Importers & Brand-Owners)  submit an EPR plan before granting them consent. The PIBOs can work with PRO like MyRecycler to build and develop a strategy unique to their customer. 

Certification: We are among the best companies to offer Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) services to assist you follow EPR regulations. We give e-waste producers the ability to control the collection of waste from their clients and delivery of their products to our facility for recycling and disposal in a responsible manner. We give the producer the required recycling certification in addition to a set of compliance documents that follow legal requirements in order to further assure EPR.

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