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Warehousing - A solution for your piled up waste materials

Sometimes it is not possible to dispose off the e-waste immediately after collection. For such circumstances, MyRecycler offers “Warehousing” services, where the items to be disposed off are stored in our Warehouses under safety, security, and surveillance until their proper disposal.

What is Warehousing?

wasteWarehouses are meant to store large amount of disposable materials. Hence, warehousing services become very important in addressing the issues of proper, secured and safe storage of materials before those are finally disposed off.  Not every producer or manufacturer have adequate space of storing their finished goods or waste products.  In such cases, business partners like MyRecycler can provide the best solution.

Mistakes in waste management can also have a significant negative impact on the environment and your finance budget. As a result, the waste management procedure for a warehouse needs to be carefully planned and meticulously executed. Early preparation for the handling of garbage ensures that it is disposed off swiftly, effectively, and with the least amount of resource used. Planning for waste management should be given priority while building new or renovating an old structure.

If done properly, waste management in warehouses may be quite advantageous on many levels. Early planning, close attention to detail, spotting bottlenecks, and putting the right solution in place are the keys. In order to keep the process streamlined as your firm expands and changes, it is also crucial to regularly examine the entire procedure.

How does MyRecycler assist?


At MyRecycler we have strategically placed warehouses in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana where we are able to store huge amount of finished products or even waste materials for our clients.

While providing the Warehousing services we keep all the norms and guidelines in consideration so as to provide maximum benefit to our clients and minimum adversity to the environment.

As a first step we figure out a detailed picture of what your current waste management situation looks like. This helps us to identify problem areas and eventually develop relevant solutions so that we can help you avoid the consequences and hassles of undersized solutions. For instance, insufficient capacity to handle the amount of waste generated would mean wastage of valuable resources like time, efforts and money.

Further, we conduct audits to find potential opportunities of waste reduction, reuse, and recycling. We also have trained staff to handle warehousing and waste management process. They are trained in accordance with the various waste management divisions and are capable to control trash more effectively.

We are aware that the needs and specifications for recycling vary by industry and geographic region. At MyRecycler, we are well-versed in the recycling laws and guidelines. Let us develop a personalised quote for your warehouse or distribution centre that streamlines your operations and minimises your financial burden.

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